1. Complete a book
  2. Tour Europe
  3. See a movie on opening night  (On 4/30/15 - Age of Ultron)
  4. Travel first class in a plane
  5. Tour Washington D.C.
  6. Ride in a helicopter
  7. Learn to drive  (On July 11, 2013)
  8. Go salmon fishing
  9. Meet a celebrity
  10. Go on a road-trip across part of the United States
  11. Put a piece of gum on the gum-wall in Seattle
  12. Travel out of the country
  13. Breathe in helium
  14. Tour New York
  15. Swim in the Gulf of Mexico
  16. Cook a meal using duck
  17. Get my own pinterest (On February 1, 2014)
  18. Get over 50 followers  (Month of December 2014)
  19. Learn how to snowboard
  20. Witness a wedding proposal
  21. Meet a Youtuber (The Gardiner Sisters on 9/29/15 & Peter Hollens on 7/29/16)
  22. Ride in a limo
  23. Get a Canon EOS Rebel t3i (or t5i) (On 5/6/15 got my first T5i!)
  24. Swim with (or meet) a dolphin
  25. Do a photo-shoot with a friend(s) (On 7/22/15)
  26. Drink from a coconut
  27. Get my own instagram (On 7/30/16...@melody.margaret)
  28. Ride in a school bus
  29. Visit all 50 States
  30. Shoot a gun
  31. Read the entire bible in a year
  32. Go to a drive-in movie
  33. Run in the rain (On September 21, 2013, with friends, we got soaked!)
  34. Host a huge sleepover (On 8/13/15)
  35. Get my drivers license 
  36. Go fishing (On March 17th, 2014)
  37. Design a blog for a close friend (On January 30th 2015 - Go here to see it)
  38. Start a designing blog (On November 19, 2013) Go here if u want to take a peek! :)
  39. Write my name or initials in wet cement
  40. See a shooting star (On 8/11/16 during a meteor shower)


  1. I drank from a coconut!(: It was delicious and fun<3

  2. Awesome! I'm hoping I'll be able to do that too!


  3. Hi Melody! Your bucket list looks like a lot of fun. I'm also making one myself.... :)
    Love your blog too, I think it looks very nice! Maybe would be fun to follow each others blog? Let me know if you want to. http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com Isabella x

    1. Sure Isabel! Thanks so much for your compliments. :)

  4. Came across your blog from a fellow blogger (apieceofmysky.blogspot.com :)) Your bucket list looks really fun, hope you have a great and memorable experience while completing them! Would you mind checking out my blog and giving some feedback (or something)? Thanks! www.myhopefulpencil.blogspot.com

    1. Hello there! Thanks so much for leaving this sweet comment-I appreciate it. :)