So Much to be Thankful For

90° days to swim in. (Though rain is nice occasionally too!) :)

Two new babies (not sure what yet of nieces and/or nephews,) due to arrive in November and January. I'm so excited to meet them!

Getting two Great Pyrenees puppies in two months! (As livestock and guardian watchdogs.)

The opportunity to take pictures of a friend's, wedding reception event.

An adventurous camp-out with my best friends planned to happen soon!

Having dear friends from Illinois come and stay with us.

Our 4th of July spent at Oaks Amusement Park in Portland.

A cool, misty morning.

How easy and quick the shearing went for our last two sheep.

Such an abundant amount of rabbits in litters.

An adorable, orange female kitten that joined the farm. Millie is her name.

A watered lawn. Yes. I mean it.

Plenty to harvest in the garden. (No matter if zucchini and kale are included!) :P

And so much more! God is good.



  1. All things to be happy about. ♥ And hey, it's good to see you enjoying Summer while it lasts.

    -T. x