Every other Thursday I and two of my friends teach and watch several three year old's from our church, while moms, and older siblings do a book study and other things.
I simply cherish this time! It's so fun to be able to sing with, teach, read to, and color with each of them. They have so much energy and love to talk, but it warms my heart now, when they sing the songs (that they didn't know at all when we began the class,) with us now.
We currently have been learning the 10 commandments using our 10 fingers. Before the class, I didn't even know each commandment in order, but now I do. It's rather funny actually.
We also sing bible songs, and then color and read books, which is the kids favorite part, of course.

- - -

Memorial Day rolled around, and we had a delicious brunch with my entire family, 21 people.
Then later, I spent the day with some of my family at a friend's house for their park day they hosted. Although I only have pictures of the morning, sadly.

How was your Memorial Day?

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