Exciting Updates

It's hard to think I haven't posted for five months, to put it briefly - I'm sorry about that.
Christmas has passed, New Years is almost here, and I have exciting news from the past and to come in the future to tell you all,,,

Everything is pretty jumbled - but it's been a memorable 5 months!

  • My whole family will be traveling to SC for my brother's wedding. That's 22 people ya'll- all on the same plane! Crazy, right? :) It'll be awesome. We'll vacation in Hilton Head Island afterwards. I can't wait!
  • I became a niece to another boy on November 7th! Isaac Thomas arrived at 8 lbs. 2 oz, and is quite the chunk already. :)  
  • Surprise party for my brother Josh, who turned 18
  • Shopping outings with my sisters (L-R: Me, Heidi, and Maria.)
  • Two (short) power outages. Those are always exciting. And they also make you thankful for electricity - and candles.
  • Hosting "park days" at our house with families from our church
  • Our Farm "Appreciation Dinner" with speeches, amazing food, and a photo shoot - so fun!!
  • Surprise outing from my two older siblings Maria and Josh. We watched the 3rd (and last) :( Hobbit on opening night! I loved it.
  • Amazing Thanksgiving with relatives.
  • Gaining (extra) responsibility on the farm by (now) taking care of our nineteen rabbits!
  • Participating in a girls' book study with my sisters and friends
  • Summer evenings spent with older siblings getting frozen yogurt and swimming!
  • Getting our driveway re-paved.
  • Extreme wind storm showering our yard with branches and tree-tops!
  • Very blessed Christmas Eve of fellow-shipping, eating, being thankful, and opening presents. And a hilariously fun Christmas Day spent with cousins!

  • Going to our "Clark County Fair" with family and friends. It was so much fun!
  • Adorable litters of kittens!
  • Our annual 'Labor Day Camp Out' by our house.
  • Chicken Processing finishing! Yay!! ;)
  • Christmas shopping with older siblings until 11:30 p.m. It was exhausting yet memorable.
  • Harvesting potatoes in 90 degrees with my sister Maria, very fun yet miserable. ;P
  • Holding fluffy baby bunnies.
  • Singing karaoke and writing music and songs.
  • Going to a Christian Heritage Conference with my parents and three older siblings.
  • Completing a project with my mom - a small patio behind our house!
  • Watching new, (and older) movies for the first time! (Favorites: Nanny Diaries, God's Not Dead, Divergent, Live-Die-Repeat, Hunger games, Captain America 2, The Giver, and Austenland.)

- - -

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!


  1. These photos are great! :)

    Lovely post, darling. <3

    xx Nicole Rose

  2. So glad to see all the nice things happening. I haven't seen you for awhile and thought you had retired. Was revising my "blogs we visit page" and saw the update. Happy New Year!

  3. I'm so glad to hear from you! I really missed your posts. It looks like you had a wonderful time on your blogging break! :) Awww, Isaac is so adorable! Awesome post, Melody! <3