Another Story of Mine | Back at Last

Lauren gripped the steering wheel of her dad’s 1980 Ford tighter as she turned down Sandy Lane. The loose pebbles on the road flung up along with dirt and sand. Linda brushed her bangs behind her ear as she kept a close look out for driveway that led to her parent’s house. Lauren finally caught a glimpse of the white mailbox next to the drive-way, turned the steering wheel, and kept along the steep gravel road. 
She wondered if the country house would look any different since she left for college several months earlier, but after coming to a stop she sat smiling at everything that had not changed a bit. The firewood stack still stood up to the small house’s roof, the yard and porch were swept clean, and her dad still hadn’t taken the tire-swing down from the maple tree out front.
 Rusty, their golden retriever, who was lying in his spot on the porch leapt up at the arrival of Lauren and welcomed her home for the summer. Laughing, Lauren got out of the car and happily greeted her old puppy with a hug.
After taking her two bags out of the trunk she stepped up the stairs and knocked on the door of her house. After a few moments of waiting Lauren opened the two doors, told Rusty to stay outside, and set her bags in the entry way right inside the door. The house was clean and she could smell a pie in the oven. On the countertops lay a note: Lauren, your dad needed me to pick him up…I’ll try and get back as soon as possible! Love ya and can’t wait to see you! xo Mom
Lauren smiled as she laid the note back down. With nothing else to do, she decided to take her bags upstairs and get settled in her room. It hadn’t changed a bit as well. The large posters that hung on the walls still were there, the room was still light pink, and her collection of Barbie dolls still sat on her old treasure chest in the corner of the room. Lauren dropped her two bags on the ground and flung herself on her queen size bed to untie her converse.
For the past several months at college, Lauren was always busy with something to do, but now she wasn’t sure what to do now that she was home. So she decided to do what she always had done when she was bored – draw. And with that thought, she began searching the drawers of her dressers for her old sketching book until she found it under her 8 year old bug collection. Imbedded on the cover of the book was the quote: A picture speaks a thousand words.
 Downstairs she went again with the book and a pencil in her hands. Going out the back door, she slipped her blue rubber boots on. Yep, they still fit, even though she hadn’t worn them in two years.
She crossed the recently mowed back lawn, and found the skinny pathway down into the woods. Although it was a little over-grown, Lauren pushed her way through it anyway. Pretty soon she reached her favorite spot; a round clearing where the sun shone through perfectly. She sat down on a fallen log and opened her book.
Looking at her drawings was like looking at old memories again, so she spent most of the time flipping through the pages remembering each of them before sketching the new things in her life; like the campus at her college, and her room, and her room-mate.
When several minutes passed, Lauren pulled her phone out of her back pocket to look at the time. She thought it best to head back to the house, so she stood up and walked back up the trail.
She slipped her rubber boots off her feet and ran up the wooden stairs, three at a time back to her room.
While she set her sketching book back inside the drawer, she paused when she heard the familiar sound of car wheels gliding on gravel and Rusty’s friendly bark. Lauren slammed the dresser drawer shut and immediately ran down the stairs and to the front door. Pushing it open she ran strait into her parent’s arms!

 “I’m back!’ She laughed happily.

- - -

Here's my story entry for Tane's writing contest she's having on her blog!


  1. Whoa, Melody, the way you write is wonderful. You seem to be able to put just the right words and feelings together to make a symphony.
    Thanks SO much, for entering. It means a lot.
    Loved your entry to bits.

  2. That was absolutely beautiful!

  3. It was just wonderful!! I sure hope you win the contest. :) Good luck! :D
    BTW, I'm a new follower. :)

    Julia Ryan