My Story


The slam of the thick text book echoed in the small bedroom. A girl, who anyone would guess was 16, but was almost 18, sat up from her twin size bed. Her name was Mandy, (short for Amanda,) which she inherited from one of her Aunts she never was able to meet.

With a sigh she swung her legs around over her white and red checkered quilt and let them hang over her bed. Her shoulders slouched effortlessly with exhaustion after the last day of high school had finally finished. Finally, finally it was over. And finally Mandy could let her mind relax!
Her tired gaze was then suddenly locked on her open bedroom window.  A breeze rushed through, fluttering the white laced curtains that hung almost to the floor, and causing Mandy’s grey eyes to blink and snap out of the heavy stare.

Her homework was finished, and she wasn't sure what she wanted to do next. Watch TV? No. The only thing good that was on she promised to watch with her best friend that next Friday night. So she decided just to go downstairs and find something to do. And with that thought, the girl pulled herself up with the support from her bed’s back railing and shoved the text book and other papers and reports inside her 10 year old backpack and zipped it up. Before leaving her room, she picked her phone up from the table by her bed; clicked it on, scanned through her text messages, and then clicked it off before dropping it on her mattress.

She brought the back-pack over to her closet door and hung it on the white hooks her mom had got at a garage sale when she was 9.  Mandy left her room and quickly stepped down the creaky, peeling-paint stairs to the downstairs dining room. The sun beams shone through the large windows and sent the room’s white walls glowing. Mandy smiled after thinking to herself how wonderful the house suddenly seemed to her. She remembered how she always had told herself how much she hated this house. It was one of the oldest houses in her small town, and had so many problems and was too small to her! She remembered how she begged her parents to let them move to a better house! The whole time wanting a bigger bedroom, a bigger yard, more space for a bigger television.

But then, all of a sudden, the house seemed perfect to her.

Standing there up strait with her hands in her pockets, staring through their dining room windows, she thought about how this was the house her parents brought her home from the hospital when she was born, the house that she lost her first tooth in, the house that she broke her first bone in, the house she learned how to play the piano in, the house she had her first birthday in, the house she became a teenager in. And then Mandy suddenly remembered this would be the house she’d become an adult in.
With a slight smile on her face, she began to think about all the memories; the sad and the hilarious, that she had in this house. One of those she remembered was the song she wrote for Mother’s Day on their piano when she was 8. That thought then made her turn around and look at their piano in the back of their family room. It had been months since she last played anything, and right then she really wanted to play something. She walked across the floors to the black large piano and sat down on the wooden bench. Lifting the cover up from the keys, she placed her red, peeling nail-polish hands, and decided to write another song. And in no time at all, she knew what the song would be about: her whole, wonderful life in this house.

- - -

This was a short story I did for a story contest Eve put together! Did you like it? You should do one too! Just go to this post to read how to do it! And you better be quick, cause there's only two days left!



  1. Oh my goodness! That is beautiful! I love how detailed this story is and how I can totally relate to Mandy. A house can hold so many sweet memories. I moved into my current house a year or so ago. I remember thinking (coming from a very small house) that it was sooo big. In reality, it was just an average house. After a while, it wasn't someone else's home that we were living in, it was our home. It had our pictures on the wall, drawings on the fridge, and lots of stories and memories we made. I really enjoy your writing. :)

  2. Wow. Great piece, I loved it! You really can write very well. :]

    I tagged you over on my blog, so please check it out. Here's the link:


    1. Thanks for your complement AND the tag!! :)

      xoxo melody

  3. This was brilliant! Congrats on winning, Mel.