6.5 inches of snow

Yesterday morning it began to snow.

It started as a puny dusting on the ground.

My siblings began to say that the weather forecast said we were to get 3-5 inches by night-time.

For fun I took a picture of our backyard so I could do a blog-post.

But it kept snowing so I waited to post it.

Before I knew it, it was 3 inches and still snowing. My little siblings began to get really excited!

So every few hours I took a picture of our backyard.

Here are them: :)

This is like the first time that I've experienced being "snowed in." 
(It's quite fun, actually!) xD

- - -

Yesterday morning I went on a walk in our woods by myself, saw coyote and deer tracks, and broke through ice! (Don't worry, the water was like 6 inches deep only!)
It was peaceful and  adventurous!

^ ^ Deer track. :)

Winter wonderland! :)
- - -

I and my older siblings took our sled and since we don't have ANY hills on our property, and couldn't drive anywhere, we hooked up our sled to our quad and took turns riding down our road! It was awesome!
Sorry, but I don't have any pictures of that! :(

But I got a picture of I and my two older sisters! :)

(Yes, we each have a Carhartt hat!!) xD

Now we have 7.5 inches of snow today and it's STILL snowing!! :D
Have you gotten any snow this Winter so far?? How much? :)



  1. Snow. Is, So. Pretty!!! I wish I had that kind of view when I look out of my window... hehe...

    I live in Sunny Singapore... So snow is out of the question...

    Lovely post!


  2. Thanks Natasha!
    Aw! Wish you could have snow sometimes where you live! That's too bad! :(

    Thanks again!

  3. Wow, that's so beautiful! Where I live in South Africa, we don't really get snow (though it sometimes snows a little bit on the mountains and it snows elsewhere in the country). But enjoy! xxx